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A Lot of Class

with a Touch of Saas!

Canvas Creations-Teeny Tiny Towns

Lots of Love with Every Stitch​

Saas-E-Town / U.S.A.

Collectable-Decor-Gift-Toy-Village/Town-Country Cottage-Made in USA-Handmade.

* Collector Piece

* Decorative Piece

* Toy

Start Collecting Today - Saas-E-Town U.S.A

The First Adorable Piece is ... Saas-Eez-Country Cottage

A Charming Miniature Cottage that measures = 2 1/2 in x 1 1/2 in x 1 in

* Hand Cut Plastic Canvas Frame

* Hand Stitched (Needlepoint) with Medium Weight Worsted Yarn




* Hand Stitched Details with Cotton Floss

- Black

- Red

- Green

Wash off with clean wash cloth & water

*** If you are a collector, want to decorate an area in your home, or a child who loves miniature toys, this original design & very unique cottage is for you!